We deal in New / Used / Job Lots / Surplus & Salvage Goods/ Obsolete Stock of

Industrial Goods, Machineries, Cables, Hydraulic Pumps, Motors & Gear Motors, UPS, Welding Plants, Transformers, Generators, Compressors, Wire Rope, Bearings, Electrical Material, ACB, M.C.B., Contactors, Electronic Goods, Electrical Appliances, Electric Panels, Inverters, etc., .....

M. Usman
H/P: + (65) 9782 7949
E.mail. usman@PMN.com.sg

ProMarNet Pte. Ltd.
since April 22, 2004


5A Toh Guan Road East
CWT Jurong East Logistics Centre
#. 03 - M & 03
Singapore 608830

Tel : + (65) 6560 3059
Fax : + (65) 6560 6559
E-Mail :
Website :

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